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Carpet Installation

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Bringing comprehensive carpet solutions right to your doorstep across the UAE, we pride ourselves on affordability without compromising quality. Experience the pinnacle of service excellence paired with top-notch products, all tailored to meet your carpet needs.

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Basic Installation Guidelines

Carpet installation is a process that demands meticulous planning, precise estimation, and seamless coordination. A successful installation plan necessitates accurate measurements, clear seam placements, and thorough consideration of unique room attributes like irregular shapes, borders, and closets.

Key Responsibilities:
Installation Specifiers

  • Furnish drawings detailing seam placement, carpet direction, edge moldings, and accessory locations (like adhesives and cushion).

General Contractor

  • Ensure a suitable surface for carpet installation, accounting for factors like concrete moisture, alkali conditions, cleanliness, and surface quality.
  • Guarantee proper room temperatures (65 to 95 degrees) 48 hours prior to installation and ensure ventilation during and 48 to 72 hours after installation.

Installation Contractor

  • Employ skilled labor and designated tools and accessories for installation.
  • Verify measurement accuracy.
  • Collaborate with the general contractor, confirming installation date, material delivery, storage, security, and insurance.

At Royal Speed, we comprehend the intricacies of carpet installation, ensuring a seamless process from planning to execution. Trust us to deliver a carpeted environment that exceeds your expectations.

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Stretch-in Installation

Benefits and Limitations of Stretch-In Carpet Installation

  • Enhanced underfoot comfort and superior acoustical properties when coupled with a separate cushion.
  • Improved thermal insulation (R-value).
  • Suitable for surfaces unsuitable for glue-down installation.
  • Facilitates easier seam repair and corrective measures.
  • Cost-efficient removal compared to adhered installations.

Cautionary Notes:

  • Not recommended for use on ramps and inclines.
  • Not suitable when office systems furniture and demountable partitions are present.
  • Avoid in areas with heavy rolling traffic.
  • Unsuitable for excessively humid environments.
  • Inappropriate for carpets with unitary backing or backing systems intended solely for glue-down installation.

At Royal Speed, we consider these factors to ensure the most appropriate carpet installation method for your space, ensuring both longevity and satisfaction.



Carpet Installation Standards

Renowned as the industry's pinnacle, the Royal speed creative technical services standards stand as the definitive resource for both commercial and residential carpet installation. A beacon for installers, retailers, specification writers, and building professionals, these standards offer meticulous principles and guidelines that govern the realm of carpet installation. More than 25 years of knowledge acquisition and installation expertise have contributed to the formulation of Royal Speed's residential and commercial carpet installation standards. Uniquely, these standards are endorsed and supported by the industry itself, embodying a collective commitment to excellence. In recognition of evolving innovations demanding fresh approaches to carpet installation
– encompassing planning and subfloor preparation – Royal Speed assembled industry leaders. This collaborative effort results in updates that echo the industry's unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and uncompromising quality. With Royal Speed standards, we elevate carpet installation to an art of precision and assurance. Carpet Installation Standards